Summit Dog Chews

The new Summit Dog Chew has arrived! These 100% Natural and Long-lasting hard cheese chews are the Safe and Healthy choice your dogs will savor. Handcrafted following a Traditional recipe at over 15,000ft in the Himalayan Mountains, with three Simple ingredients: milk, salt, and lime juice.

Dog Chews from a Higher Source.

Summit Dog Chews are handcrafted from the natural elements of the Himalayan countryside in Nepal. From the wide open breezy grasslands upon which our cows and yaks graze, to the blazing wood fires used to boil the milk and set the churpi cheese, our products’ very essence are based upon simplicity, purity, and balance. Summit Dog Chews’ high quality chews are derived from nature and true artisan cheese-making traditions. In honor of these values, our chews are free of additives, preservatives, and quality monitored to ensure that we bring your family the very best product possible.

Our Process:

Handmade and All Natural

Summit Dog Chews
Summit Dog Chews

We work with artisans and USDA-approved dairies to microsource the highest quality ingredients for our product and support the local economies of villages in the Himalayas. Each chew is handmade and our process is often labor intensive. Our cows and yaks graze on open grasslands along the Nepalese mountainside at elevations of 15,000 feet above sea level.

The skim milk our herd produce is a rich flavorful cocktail that is separated into curds and whey using a bit of himalayan salt and lime juice. The cheese curds are then packed into burlap cheesecloths and any excess moisture is drained before they smoked in a curing stage that can take up to several weeks. The final hardening stage involves the individual chews hand-cut into our perfect serving sizes and then placed thru an UltraViolet light treatment process.

Every piece of Summit Dog Chew then passes thru multiple screening procedures for quality assurance several times before they arrive at your local store.

All Natural Ingredients

Summit Dog Chews are all-natural hard cheeses called, ‘churpi’ made following a traditional Himalayan recipe of only four simple ingredients: cow and yak’s skim milk, lime juice, and salt. Locals of the mountainous region have enjoyed this delicacy for generations as it provides a healthy source of flavorful, portable, and long-lasting protein and nutrients for traversing the often extreme terrain in the countryside of Nepal. Reward your dog with a taste of adventure with our irresistible chew today.

Summit Dog Chew: 2017 "Fave Find"

We were thrilled to be named a 2017 Fave Find from Modern Dog Magazine!  Check out the write up here.